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Seity light at Guangzhou international lighting fair 2018


Seity light, a leading manufacturer of high-performance commercial LED lighting solutions, is set to extended product portfolios from all of our series product, including the latest design: new family of 9- heads multiple down light , architectural cylinders; slicing track light

"Light fair is an amazing opportunity to showcase the strong collaboration of Seity light technology portfolio with our various series product and how each product has innovated in their market segments," said Ms Ge, General manager of Seity light. "Visitors will see how our comprehensive offering of products and technologies complement each other and address a substantial segment of the architectural specification market."

The down light offers the right solution for every requirement. Lighting designers and architects can choose between two mounting options, seven design shapes, nine light insets, three colour temperatures and three control options, all of which can be individually combined. There has never been more freedom for professional lighting design using a single luminaire.

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